Friday 6 September 2013

A future for TAFE!

The TAFE Community Alliance welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister at the ALP Launcthat under a re-elected Rudd Government there will be a strong future for TAFE. We welcome a Federal Government ensuring that states maintain funding to TAFE, and continue to support TAFE as the 'bedrock' of their VET system. We have had no such commitment from an Abbott Government.
The Alliance speaks on behalf of many community groups who want a quality accessible TAFE system in this country that delivers education and training for communities and individuals as well as for industry. Funding cuts to TAFE across Australia have put this important public provider in jeopardy. We call on any Federal Government and Opposition to make a continued commitment to the future
of TAFE.
Contact Linda Simon, a spokesperson for the TAFE Community Alliance for further comment on
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